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Electronic Database Latvian History of Culture in Images.
Part A: Portraits

At present the database contains 2200 portraits from the collection of the Latvian National Library and of the Latvian State Historical Archives. Their originals - drawings, silhouette, portraits, daguerrotypes and photographs - were created in the period prior to 1914.
In most of the pictures you can see the persons identified by the researchers of cultural history, but in the database there are also portraits of unknown persons (possibly no more decipherable).
The database has been formed with support of the Latvian Culture Capital Foundation.

Instructions to the Users of Database

When writing you can use both capital and small letters.

Using the % sign you can find the entries if only a part of the necessary word is known. For instance, if you write kau% searching for the surname, the system will find all the entries with surnames Kaudzīte, Kauliņš, Kaugerts etc. To find all the words beginning in A you mast write a%.

Types of Images

Occupations of Persons Included in Data Base


Project Work Group
Latvian National Library: Ināra Klekere, Lilija Limane, Agris Špīss
Latvian State Historical Archives: Viesturs Bisenieks, Pārsla Pētersone, Valda Pētersone